52 Weekly Devotions For Busy Families

Rose Kidz

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52 Weekly Devotions for Busy Families helps active and busy parents find the time to have meaningful moments, helping their children develop a life-long love and relationship with God. Each week offers a real-life devotion, Scripture connection, and optional hands-on activities and chat prompts. 


  • Flexible and Easy-to-Use: Spend anywhere between 5 minutes to an hour. At bedtime or at the dinner table, start any time, anywhere! Offers clear instructions and a simple format
  • Short and Meaningful. Enjoy having 2-4 minute devotions that are engaging, relatable, and meaningful. Great for on-the-go families!
  • Bible-based. 2-4 minute Scripture reading, with "going deeper" options.
    Hands-On Activities. Help your family connect to God and each other with 150 optional activities that will help build firm faith foundations with fun family interaction.
  • Author: Karen Whiting