No More Excuses: Be The Man God Made You To Be
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No More Excuses: Be The Man God Made You To Be

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Men look up to the guys who can take a hit and keep on going. They respect the fighter who picks himself up after a knockdown punch or the quarterback who gets blindsided but doesn't fumble the ball. But it takes more than guts to be the men God made us to be, especially when we face struggles that are personal, emotional, spiritual, and close to the heart. In this book, popular pastor and radio host Tony Evans gives men the kind of advice and inspiration they need to stop making excuses, stop letting their past define them, and battle on through life's most difficult circumstances. Drawing from the lives of Moses, David, Joseph, Jonah, and other men from the Bible who faced the worst, Evans shows that the struggles we face today are tools God uses to make us better men tomorrow.

Author: Tony Evans 


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