Welcome to All Things Inspiration Giftique

All Things Inspiration Giftique was started as a way to combine the passion of uplifting others, selling inspirational items, and spreading the word of God. It has been a dream for over 8 years that has finally come to fruition. My hope is that each customer feels the love, joy, and inspiration that we put into operating this business.
Inspiration is needed all around, our goal is to be the light through our various products. We all need inspiration during times of change, the loss of a loved of one, stress from work, financial hardships, relationship challenges, health concerns, or just when we are dealing with personal matters of our heart. Sometimes a quote on a mug or a t-shirt can be that thing that brightens your day or a friend’s day. We call our store a giftique because our gift of inspiration and encouragement is given to you through each purchase.
We sell a carefully curated mix of products from inspirational items, affordable fashion items, and we feature items that we love from other faith built vendors.  A portion of our sales revenue goes to help out in the community through missions programs.  
About The Owner
LaVonya watched her grandmother Lizz Powell operate Lizz’s Smart Buys which provided an exceptional customer service experience for over 15 years. LaVonya was also influenced by her mother, who always encouraged her to act on her God given dreams. She watched her mother literally practice what she preached when she took a leap of faith and started her own church, Walking By Faith Ministries. Afro Body and Mind was a business that was owned by LaVonya's aunt and uncle which taught her valuable lessons on the importance of selling unique items, engaging with the community, and the importance of knowing her roots as an African American. As a child LaVonya remembers the joys of receiving a gift bag full of surprises every holiday and birthday from her late Godfather Carter and she wants to share that same type of joy with others. All Things Inspiration Gifitique was made not just as a business but a living testimony of what can happen when you step out on faith.
LaVonya has many years of retail, management, marketing, and consulting experience that she will use to operate this business. LaVonya believes that lives are transformed by reading and she wants All Things Inspiration Giftique to be a place of transformation and inspiration.